Electrical Company in Nepal

Electrical Company In Nepal

GBEC is an electrical and automation solutions provider with a team of well-experienced Engineers & Technicians based in Siddarthnagar-13, Shantinagar, Rupandehi, Nepal. GBEC is one the best Electrical Company in Nepal. GBEC was established in 2018 with the aim of supplying world-class technology in the electricity sector. Our focus and dedication are focused on serving a variety of sectors such as industry, commercial, & domestic. Specifically, we serve this market as suppliers, consultants, and service providers. Electrical engineering, design, and execution are our specialties. 

With the current advancement in electrical system, automation plays vital role. Automation means making things more productive, efficient, accurate & easy to operate with minimum operating cost. We provide automation solution with the use of PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), HMI(Human Machine Interface) & SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system with supportive IOT solutions to monitor from remote. Energy audit for any organization is very important to calculate the efficiency of system. We provide energy audit solutions. After the execution of projects i.e. in running plants we provide repair & maintenance solutions in effective manner. We work with customer to optimize their system making the system cost effective

Area We Serve

Our Services

We provide Engineering, designing, supply, installation & commissioning of electrical system. We have executed more than Hundred Turnkey projects in different sectors like Food & Beverage (Rice Mill, Daal Mill, Flour Mill, Juice, Cold Drinks), Hotels & Resort, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings.

When it comes to the hardware-based part of the SCADA or HMI system, we can’t dismiss a PLC, as a crucial component in the system. PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller and it is an industrial computer that is used for industrial automation. 

We offer energy Management system to customers to observe electrical systems with the help of software. This EMS software has facility to record previous data, analyze that data & generate alarms. With the help of this system, we can balance system & get real time status.

In the running plants, we make agreements for periodic maintenance to make sure plants running smoothly with minimum breakdowns.

We observe the electrical system, make calculations & provide accurate data of power system so, that customer can understand the loopholes and places where they must improve to make efficient system.